The Energy Island Personal Power Supply

The Energy Island Personal Power Supply gives you:

  • Uninterrupted comfort and protection for your home and family in the event of a power outage resulting from weather, power grid problems, and more.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that life sustaining medical equipment will continue working 24 hours a day.
  • The freedom that comes from knowing your life is unaffected by blackouts and other power problems.
  • Protection for vital medicines that must remain refrigerated at all times and for your family’s supply of food.

The Energy Personal Power Supply includes:

  • A powerful electric generator system that automatically kicks on when your power goes out.
  • A power surge protection pack to prevent costly and dangerous surges when the power returns.
  • FREE maintenance agreement on your power generator (length of maintenance agreement is dependent upon package selected).
  • Power protection warranty that protects your whole house and everything in it.

With the Energy Island Continuous Power Solution, you receive more than just uninterrupted comfort, security, and life necessities. You also receive:

  • Peace of mind
  • One-year enrollment in your service company‚Äôs Safety & Savings Plan, which puts you at the front of the line for service in the future
  • Industry-leading guarantees
  • The confidence that comes from knowing your home and family are protected by a team of electrical professionals who specialize in keeping your Energy Island operating at tip-top shape.

Don’t let your life be interrupted.

Help protect your family and your safety today with the Energy Island Personal Power Supply.

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