What Happens When the Power Goes Out?

Blackouts and power outages happen without warning and can be caused by a variety of factors such as:

  • • Fire
  • • Earthquake
  • • Hurricane
  • • Thunderstorm
  • • Tornado
  • • Human Error
  • • High Energy Consumption
  • • Overused Power Grids
  • • Accidents

They’re inconvenient…and costly.  Just think about what a blackout could cost you.

  • A moderate estimate is that a family of four spends $800 on food each month, and much of that can be ruined in a prolonged blackout.
  • When the power suddenly returns, those surges can damage your most expensive electronics, including televisions, appliances, and computer equipment.
  • And if you or your family depends on medical equipment or refrigerated medicines, your health could be at risk!

How much do you have at risk?

What’s Your Risk Level?

Take this Power Loss Risk Assessment to find out:

How many of the following statements do you agree with?

  1. I’ve experienced an electrical blackout in the past.
  2. My family or I depend on medical equipment powered in our home.
  3. My family or I depend on medicine that must be kept refrigerated (insulin, etc.).
  4. I live in a rural area.
  5. I live in a congested urban area that will continue to grow.

If one or more of those statements relates to you and your home, you may be at risk for potential power outages in the future and the interruptions to your life and comfort that come with them.

Now is the time, before the next outage occurs, to take action and add your own Energy Island Personal Power Supply. 



How Do You Help Ensure That You Never Run Out Of Electricity Again?

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